Protecting children from sexual exploitation

We are the result of our childhood, together to make our children's future more pieceful

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About us

A community-based, non-profit organization that started working through the Internet and then obtained a license in Australia. It operates under the international human rights conventions and children rights convention, which have been signed by the majority of countries in the world, including Arab countries. The institution’s bylaw specifies the conditions of affiliation, work mechanisms, and funding sources.


of the world's children have been subjected to harassment or sexual abuse
Of the cases of harassment occur by the parents, relatives and close associates
Of the cases of harassment are not reported in the Arab countries
Percentage of abusive use of children's imagery around the world, since 1988

Awareness and enlightenment

Spreading social awareness through consistent media campaigns, awareness programs directed at families, schools, and other public spaces

Counseling and treatment

Counseling and treatment programs for affected children and their families, and follow-up on individual cases, in addition to the necessary legal guidance

Training courses

Organizing workshops and specialized training courses for families, the educational sector, social care homes, media professionals, and civil work institutions